ASUS Phone ZC554KL-S430-3G32G-BK ZenFone 4 Max 5.5" 3GB 32GB Retail
Status: Available
SKU: 224362
Vendor: ASUS
MPN: ZC554KL-S430-3G32G-BK
UPC: 889349802649
120° Wide View Dual Rear Cameras ‧ 5000mAh Battery
ASUS ZenFone 4 Max is a smartphone designed to go the distance and accompany you on all of life’s adventures. Its high capacity 5000mAh battery with advanced power management and dual cameras keeps up with your active lifestyle and is always at the ready to capture extraordinary moments.
See a bigger world
ZenFone 4 Max features an advanced dual-camera system designed to take your mobile photography to new heights. Its 13MP main camera is equipped with the wide, F2.0 aperture lens to capture clearer photos. Its 120° wide-angle camera lets your fit more scenery and people in the frame for dramatic landscape shots, better group photos, and a more convenient photography experience in confined indoor spaces.
Fit more scenery and friends in the shot
The 120° wide-angle camera on ZenFone 4 Max has a 200% larger field of view than standard smartphone cameras, so you can fit more scenery and people in the frame for dramatic photos and videos that capture a true sense of place. When taking photos indoors, the wide-angle view makes it much easier to get the shot you want — especially in confined spaces where it may not be possible to take a few steps back to fit everyone and everything into the photo. The unique perspective of the wide-angle lens can also be used to stylistic effect, allowing you to exaggerate the sense of space in any setting to capture more dramatic scenes and stunning, expansive landscapes.
Capture your world in detail
ZenFone 4 Max comes with a 13MP PixelMaster rear camera to capture beautiful, high-resolution photos with zero shutter lag. An 8MP front camera takes gorgeous, sharp selfies and lets you enjoy video chatting in with crystal-clear video clarity.
Finish / Color
Deepsea Black
Internal storage
MicroSD card
Supports up to 256GB
Google Drive
100GB free space (1 year)