Tyan Motherboard S7100GM2NR HX S7100 Intel Xeon Scalable C621 LGA3647 DDR4 PCI Express SATA Retail
Status: Available
SKU: 207190
Vendor: Tyan
UPC: 635872043239
Xeon Scalable Processor Family.
The new Xeon Scalable Processor is Intel's largest advancement in a decade and brings many new features and capabilities:
• Up to 28 CPU cores per socket
• 50% Increased memory bandwidth with 6 memory channels per socket
• Memory speeds up to DDR4-2667 (depending on CPU SKU)
• No slowdown in memory speed when deploying 2 DIMMs per channel
• Increased PCIe connectivity to 48 PCIe Gen3.0 lanes per CPU socket
• Optional Integrated Intel Omni-Path Architecture Host Fabric Interface • Native support for up to 14 SATA ports
• New Ultra Path Interconnect
• New Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (AVX-512)

Socket Type / Qty: LGA3647/ (2)
Supported CPU Series: Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Family
Thermal Design Power (TDP) wattage: Max up to 205W
System Bus: Up to 10.4/9.6 GT/s with Intel UltraPath Interconnect (UPI) support
PCH: Intel C621