DJI Drone CP.EN.00000047.01 MATRICE 200 V2 (NA) COMBO (SP) CALL FOR PRICING Listing Price ONLINE is prohibited by DJI
Status: Available
SKU: 227583
Vendor: DJI
MPN: CP.EN.00000047.01
UPC: 190021332751
EAN: 6958265186660
Built to Endure. Engineered to Adapt.
The ultimate platform for aerial productivity combines a rugged design and simple configurability to work as a solution for a variety of industrial applications. Improvements to the M200 Series V2 enhance intelligent control systems, flight performance, and add flight safety and data security features.
Reliably Tough
FPV Camera
Anti-collision Beacon
Discreet Mode
Mobile SDK Compatibility
DJI SkyPort Compatibility
Unfolded, propellers and landing gears included, 883x886x398 mm
Folded, propellers and landing gears excluded, 722x247x242 mm
Diagonal Wheelbase
643 mm
Max Takeoff Weight
6.14 kg
Max Payload
1.45 kg
Operating Frequency
2.4000-2.4835 GHz 5.725-5.850 GHz
2.4 GHz: less than or equal 26 dBm (NCC/FCC) less than or equal 20 dBm (CE/MIC) less than or equal 20 dBm (SRRC)
5.8 GHz: less than or equal 26 dBm (NCC/FCC) less than or equal 14 dBm (CE) less than or equal 26 dBm (SRRC)
Hovering Accuracy (P-mode with GPS)
Vertical:+/- 1.64 feet (+/- 0.5 m) or +/- 0.33 feet
(+/- 0.1 m, Downward Vision System enabled)
Horizontal:+/- 4.92 feet (+/- 1.5 m) or 0.98 feet (+/- 0.3 m, Downward Vision System enabled)
Max Angular Velocity
Pitch: 300o/s, Yaw: 120o/s
Max Pitch Angle
S-mode: 35o
P-mode: 30o (Forward Vision System enabled: 25o)
A-mode: 30o
Max Ascent Speed
16.4 ft/s (5 m/s)
Max Descent Speed (vertical)
9.8 ft/s (3 m/s)
Max Speed
S-mode/A-mode 81 kph (50.3 mph)
P-mode: 61.2 kph (38 mph)
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level
9842 feet (3000 m, with 1760S propellers)
Max Wind Resistance
39.4 ft/s (12 m/s)
Max Flight Time (with two TB55 batteries)
38 min (no payload),
24 min (takeoff weight: 6.14 kg)
Supported DJI Gimbals
Zenmuse X4S/X5S/X7/XT/XT2/Z30
Supported Gimbal Mounting
Single Gimbal, Downward
Ingress Protection Rating
Operating Temperature
-4o to 122o F (-20o to 50o C)