XGIMI Projector Z6 500-700 Ansi Lumens FullHD 1920x1080 1.2:1 4K DLP Retail
Status: Available
SKU: 219963
Vendor: XGIMI
EAN: 6935670511454
Never Miss Any Detail
1080P Native Resolution, Support 2K/4K Unlike other projectors that only support 1080p, Z6 Polar’s native resolution is 1920x1080 that can project in true HD,and 2.25x clearer than mainstream 720p projectors (2,073,600 pixels). Motion compensation technologyHDR 10 / 27 PET / Square Pixel Structure
Experience a Movie With Hollywood Color
Z6 Polar can provide the incredible image color and viewing experience by adopting Four Channels Optical Path Design.
Bring You a Vivid Enjoyment
Z6 Polar is using the motion compensation technology, through a specific algorithm to solve the image flutter and tailing problems when it is projecting high dynamic images. Z6 Polar significantly increases the clarity and fidelity of dynamic pictures, it will be the perfect companion for watching sports and playing games.
Distinct Gradations, Rich details
Z6 supports HDR 10 decode in order to solve low-contrast problem. It presents a wider color range and more details on bright and dark areas.
Crystal Clear Picture With Square Pixel Structure
Comparing to diamond-shaped pixel, Z6 Polar adopts square pixel structure that makes the image edge more smoothly and natural. The text is more clear and sharp
Optical parameters
Product classification
Home Projector
Display technique
500-700ANSI lumens
Standard resolution
Compatible resolution
Projection parameters
Projection ratio
Keystone correction
Vertical: +/-40 degree, horizontal: +/-40 degree(2D)
Projection method
Forward/backward/ hang ceiling